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    Containerised Bagging System

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    The Containerised bagging system Mobile Bagging Unit is a specially designed and constructed bagging unit housed in two(2) standard size ISO 20ft steel container measuring 20’ x 8’ x 8’6” (LxWxH).

    The Containerised bagging system contains two side by side bagging lines. Each bagging line is designed to provide bagging at a speed of up to 12-15 bags per minute per line for 50 kg bags. Actual performance will depend on the type of product that is bagged, the speed at which the equipment is fed with product, the efficiency of the operators and how quickly the bagged cargo is taken away from the machine.

    It’s designed optional functions with TRUCK LOADING CONVEYORS & SUSPENSION SYSTEM, air compressor, dust collector, air container, Internal and external flood lights for 24hr operations, Moving and steering systems, etc.

    Technical Parameter

    • Model: LCS-HYC series
    • Weighting Range: 25~50kg, customized
    • Accuracy: within ±0.2%
    • Capacity: 1000-2000bags/hour
    • Power Supply: AC110-240V/220-600V, 50/60Hz, 1/3P, customized made as per user's local electrical system
    • Power: 1.1~5.5 kW, depends on packing speed capacity & materials features.
    • Air Resource: 0.4~0.6 Mpa ( 0.2m3/min air consumption)
    • Bag Belt Conveyor Dimension: 3000*400mm, customized design.


    1. Project analysis
    According to your product specifications and packing requirements, in order to guarantee the packing speed and accuracy, we will analyse your products and your bags after receipt of your inquiry to select the right filling technology for your project in close cooperation with you. And our solution will be the perfect combination of product, packing material and machine.
    Product analysis:
    ·  Mesh size
    ·  Corrosivity
    ·  Bulk density
    ·  Flowability
    ·  Humidity
    ·  Feeding methods

    Our practice-orientated tests lead to economic packaging solutions, customized design for your individual needs, and facilitate the collection of process-relevant product data. So you can be assured that your products will fulfill your customers in the desired quality day after day.
    2. Technical customer service
    Our service does not end with the delivery of your new packaging plant. We offer a wide range of after-sales services, e.g. commissioning of your machine or later regular maintenance of your packaging plant.
    A team of well-trained service technicians is at your disposal. They all have extensive experience with packaging technologies in combination with different products and bags all over the world.
    Contact us. We will be pleased to support you at any time.  
    3. Spare parts
    Lifetimes of machines are largely influenced by the quality of the used components. Thanks to an extensive stock of spare parts we are able to supply original spare parts fast at short notice.
    You profit from using original parts: Optimally fitting into the machines they guarantee highest outputs and lifetimes.
    4. Safety engineering
    The safety of our supplied machines and plants is one of our top priorities. Thus, part of our essential goals is to best help you avoid damage caused by machines and ensure maximum safety for your personnel. In addition, there is a large number of safety guidelines regulated by law that have to be considered when constructing machines. We support you in developing the right safety concept for your packaging project.